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About Us

We are located in the center of Historic Downtown Saint Joseph, where history meets creativity, fostering a sense of community and artistic inspiration.

The Performing Arts Association of Saint Joseph is a non-profit corporation formed in 1979 to strengthen the performing arts in St. Joseph and support the development of the Missouri Theater into a regional center for the performing arts.

Over the past decade, the Performing Arts Association has electrified the Missouri Theater by showcasing acclaimed artists from around the globe, infusing the region with vibrant culture and thrilling entertainment!

Our History

In 1962, Community Concerts initiated its classical music presentations. Fourteen years later, in 1976, Town Hall Center was established with a mission to preserve the Missouri Theater and started hosting diverse entertainment series. It was in 1979 when the merger of Community Concerts and Town Hall led to the formation of the Performing Arts Association. By 1980, a joint effort between the City of St. Joseph and the Performing Arts Association, supported by the National Endowment for the Arts, commenced a capital campaign aimed at renovating the Missouri Theater. 

Our Mission

We aim to serve our community by providing access to a wide range of performing arts, including various music genres, dance forms, and theater, and support the creation of new works. We offer performing arts education to youth and the broader St. Joseph area community, ensuring no barriers to access. We collaborate with local arts organizations to achieve shared objectives and manage our program cost-effectively, maintaining a balanced budget and maximizing fundraising efforts.

Our Future

Over the next decade, the Saint Joseph Performing Arts Association will continue strengthening our mission by promoting an interest in music, theatre and dance by increasing season performances and educational opportunities:
Develop a second series for a smaller venue that will feature more family and classical performances.
Enhance partnerships with other arts organizations in order to make a more cohesive arts experience for all patrons.
Create and encourage more corporate sponsorship in order to build audience and to build funding streams to offset depleted grant resources.


Paul Gibson | President                             

Patrick Dare | Vice President                     

Kelly Morris | Treasurer

Linda Judah | Secretary

  • Ruth Bireline
  • Drew   Brown
  • Peyton Santana Castro
  • JoAnn  Cobb
  • Angela Williams- Crane
  • Lanny   Ellis
  • Sid Johnson
  • Rosie Lammoglia
  • Mary Kay Lyle
  • Sheila Murray
  • Nancy  Nash
  • Martial  Thevenot
  • Sponge Thevenot
  • Gail  Tyler


Executive Director 

Paul Storiale has an illustrious history in producing, writing, and directing entertainment events both in Los Angeles and beyond. With a passion for the performing arts that stretches back over two decades, his journey began in Chicago and has taken him to various significant roles. These roles include serving as the Performing Arts Manager for Campbell County, Wyoming, and as Assistant GM for an 1800-seat Performing Arts Center in the Southeast.

Paul has graced the stage in countless productions throughout his career as a performer. Among his most cherished memories are sharing the spotlight with legends like Frankie Avalon and Sandy Martin.

As a writer, Paul boasts an impressive array of credits, including works such as “Dysfunctional Family Christmas” and “The Columbine Project”, which delves into the truth behind the events of April 20, 1999.

Mr. Storiale’s commitment to advocating for the arts is evident through his three-term election as the Arts representative on the NoHo Arts District Neighborhood Council of Los Angeles, where he also served as President. He was known as a dependable small business neighbor, consistently offering his support whenever needed.

His favorite place in the world is Sicily.

Our Partners